Preview of cosmetics

Something that I mess up on while buying cosmetics is that I think it would look good but ends up not, So I would love to be able to preview the item.


Yeah, this has been suggested a bunch of times. I think it would be a pretty good idea, but it never really bothers me all too much.

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Yea it certainly has been suggested a good bit of times but I agree it’s something needed as I’ve regretted most of my appearance items due to how it fits your character and the chance to try before buy would of certainly came in handy.

That said I don’t think it’s something they need to focus on at the moment but maybe when add more pricier kind of appearance items that way someone doesn’t drop 50K as an example and find out it doesn’t look like what they thought it to looked like.

(Other than dog head that’s master race 10/10)

I assume you are using the masculine player model. That one has tons of misaligned cosmetic items, it has been like that forever and it still hasn’t been fixed. iknowthatfeel
And yeah a preview would be nice, it should atlest replace your current cosmetic item in that slot when you hover over one you have to buy.

I forget who said it, but someone one of the devs said in the discord that it’d come eventually… Soon :tm:

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…because i experienced this when i tried buying the cheese hat just to see how it looked on my player but it was a waste of units and ended up selling. this was an ongoing problem as i pursued the bucket hat, the hat with sodas and a straw, and a bunch of other accessories. everything just be “previewable.”

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