Pretty up the Gameworld Ports

Okay okay, two things;

  1. I realize that this isn’t top priority, I’d just like it to happen.
  2. I don’t mean to call the Gameworld Ports boring, but they could go with some more spice.

I think that it’d be nice to place some decorations around the Gameworld Ports! Picnic tables come to mind.
I would also love to see the Checkers return like in GMT, where you could sit with another player and casually play a game of Checkers, and maybe this time around, we could have Tic Tac Toe as well?

Regardless, I’d love for the Gameworld Ports to mirror what they once were in GMT; a fun little place to hang out while you wait for a game, or just want to meet some people!


I completely agree ! :blush:

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