Pre-Decorated Option for Condos


So this is just something I was thinking about earlier, especially since a lot of my TU friends find it hard to gather inspiration for decorating an entire Condo, such as… Underwater, Highrise, etc. there’s a lot of space and they don’t know where to start.

What if Condos came with a “Furnished” and an “Unfurnished” version (what we have now)

Furnished Versions would be decorated with some basic items in the game, that you won’t own and won’t be able to move around (with the ability to add your own touches of course). I feel like it would be a good option so that people who wanted a specific Condo but didn’t have any idea how to fill all the space, could still enjoy using them.

As for how things are decorated, I was thinking maybe one of the Community Manager(s) could run a Condo Contest specifically for this (meaning designs would need to be relatively basic) and then the Community (or just the Devs, either way) could vote on which design they like the most and the Winner for each different Condo would end up being the Furnished Default (perhaps with some tweaks).

It’s probably a little far-fetched but I thought I’d put this idea out there, maybe someone can polish it up and think of something.

Workshop condos is coming soon, you will be able to publish your condo save on the workshop. Only thing is, you won’t be able to edit anything.

However, it would be cool if there was a condo contest for furnishing a condo to give people ideas.

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This sounds a lot like what Workshop Condos will be which are currently planned to be the next non-hotfix update.

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I think it’d be good if uploaders could tick a box that would allow their designs to be editable so it could work in the way the OP wants too within the same feature.


Yeah, but I think that’d be a bit cheatish. I think the plan is to use them but I’m not sure if you need all the required items or not, I think you don’t need them. But if you were able to edit the condo save while not owning the items, there might be problems with that.

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Oh, DUH. Where was my brain, I completely forgot about Workshop Condos.

See this is what I’m wondering too, I guess we’ll see! I would assume you do need the items.

I still think having a Default Furnished would be interesting but I suppose there’s no point since we will have Workshop Condos.

Thanks for the replies!

Oh yeah I didn’t even think of that, I guess maybe it could unlock if you buy the items, maybe it offers you a list of what your missing and a price to acquire them. Probably wouldn’t work for more exclusive items that might be in the condo.

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