Power Shoes

Just wondering why fast running is one of the backer rewards rather than something you could buy in one of the in game store.

I totally understand most of the other item rewards which are purely cosmetic for the most part like the headphones and the gold watch.

The golden watch isn’t just a cosmetic - they decided to combine the Midas’ touch backer reward with it, so now it turns any object you’d like golden.

But yeah - I kinda feel like speed boots are a bit of an advantage towards the backers - unless milestone awards would be faster, so it would just be something like a starter boost till you’ve played well enough to earn one of the fancy milestones.


I may be misunderstanding what you guys are saying, but to me it sounds like you believe this grants advantage in gamemodes/duels/etc. I would guess that the effect is only in lobby, where it doesn’t effect gameplay or anything else related to gaining Units (sort of like size potions in GMT). Again, correct me if I’m wrong, as I’m not exactly a developer of the game.

He’s indeed talking about it as a game advantage.
For me, though, it’s an lobby advantage, as it allows you to traverse faster - which could possibly win you some friendly races on, foot from a point to another one, or a serious bet.

I’m confident the developers would never allow something as stupid as giving donors/backers advantages in the competitive aspect of Tower Unite, such as the game worlds.
This would purely be for getting around the plaza.
I’m sure they could include a slightly less fast pair of speed shoes that people can buy with Units.

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Hoping you could buy something similar with Units or just a milestone.

I disagree. They should be pretty exclusive.

There will be other ways to speed up your movement in Lobby available to non-backers. However, these backer shoes look really cool and have a trail.

I will update the description to be more clear - it is not for the Game Worlds or Dueling. The speed up only applies to Lobby.

Speaking of dueling, we haven’t completely shown that off or advertised it yet because we’re still working on that aspect of the game. There will be dueling in Tower Unite.