Potion Suggestions

I have no idea when the devs are going to even start touching potion creation (probably not for a looonnngggg time) but I figured that the community could throw in some suggestions for when they do start the process of developing potions. Depending on whether they are consumable or not can impact effects greatly so if need be, create two responses and adjust their effects and time

If possible please format responses as such:

[Duration] :arrow_left: (Optional)
(ingredient #1)
(ingredient #2)
(ingredient #3)
(ingredient #ext…)
[any other context or variable on creating potion such as time of day, weather, holiday, ext…]

Example of such:

Paint Potion
“Changes your player model to a solid color (for steam workshop models)”
(1x Canvas)
(3x Lab Chemicals)


Party Potion
“Create an instant party with music and lights around your player model!”
[Duration: 1:30]
(1x Lab Chemicals)
(1x Disco Duck)

Bouncy Potion
“Whenever you jump, a trampoline boing is played and you keep bouncing less and less until you run out of momentum (like a bouncy ball)”
(3x Magic Trampoline)
(2x Trampoline)
(1x Water Bottle)

Metal Potion
“Changes your player model to a solid grey metal shine for only $25”
(1x Water Bottle)
(1x Mason Jar)
(100x Quarter)

Gold Potion
“Changes your player model to a solid gold shine for the price of fort knox!”
(1x Bottle)
(1x Gold Catsack)
(20x Gold) or (3x Pile of Gold)

Hangover Potion
“Oh god, why would you want this?! (makes player randomly puke and makes vision slightly blurry)”
(x3 Wood Keg)
(x1 Moonshine)

Brisk Potion
“Slightly increases walking and running speed”
(2x Speedy Crab)
(1x Coffee Pot)
(1x Coffee Mug)

Spikey Potion
“When you run and jump into a wall, you temporarily stick! Just don’t try hugging anyone…”
(2x Blue Sea Urchin)
(2x Red Sea Urchin)
(1x Common Starfish) or (1x Large Common Starfish)
[Large Common Starfish will increase time stuck to wall]

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Combustion Potion
“Consuming this potion will cause you to explode into a wonderful display of fireworks. But why would you want to?”
(3x Fireworks)
(1x Vodka)
(1x Bad Idea [optional])