Potion Quirks (misc. Suggestion)

You know what would be a stupid idea, because Rokemon recently introduced the gimmick of Dynamaxing for their upcoming games; how about making it so potions stack on top of one another to make up for empty inventory slots. Like for example equiping 3 ‘x2’ potions makes you x6 and same way around with small potions stacking, it would be hilarious just to seeing a 100 foot tall user just casually walking around.

It could be easily used to annoy players at the same time though, and the practicality of sizes beyond what we have now won’t lead to any real game changing aspects.


As Unlisted said, this could easily get annoying after awhile.

That said, I would love to have a 3x size increasing potion, some of my favorite workshop playermodels are a bit small, and the 2x one isn’t quite enough.