Potential Upcoming Items and Materials for Update

Hey Howdy, y’all! I saw the amazing work that @Nuclearxpotato was doing to convert assets into condo items, and I wanted to Express my thanks to his hard work, as well as throw down some ideas for other assets that could be added as Condo items. Take a look at the following:

Stage Light Crossbars

Sign Lights

Two-Tone Classic Chair

Coffee Table Round

Store Carpet

Classic Chair

Modern Railing

Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Catalpa Fern Bush


Tropical Palm Tree (We don’t have this version, only the old, janky one.)

Vertical Wood Paneling

Aluminum Sheet Roofing



Angel’s Trumpet Flower



Water Fountain FX

Small Garden Light


Monorail Bridge Railing

Metal Cable

Boardwalk Fancy Railing

Concrete Fencing and Fenceposts (This is literally the Illuminated fences but with a different texture.)

Boardwalk Small Railing

Cherry Pie, Key Lime Pie, Cupcakes, & Pumpkin Pie

Chrome Bar Ceiling Lights

Lattice Fence (With Ivy)

Outdoor Show Light (These are bugged, btw. They rotate perpendicular to their axles)

Big Angled Pergola

Wooden Plank Wall

Tall Pole

Outdoor String Lights (Long, Medium, and Short styles)

Panel Plank Wall

Grungy Metal

Glass Fence/Railing

Classic Chair with Hole & Cloved Footrest

Conical Lamp

Hanging Tapestry Flag (Can Be a Canvas Item)

Fountain Water FX Clear (This one is actually more transparent than the first.)

If anyone has any additional ideas for Items, Materials and the like, Put 'em in the comments below!

Thanks again, Potato!

Great list!

These are planned to be cooking items that you’ll have to bake yourself.


shameless plug;

i need more rock items so bad. i would do anything for them. also if the rock items were like canvases and you could use the natural surfaces on them that would be the coolest thing and i would also do anything for that pleasepls


If the clothes hanger would also be added that would be nice.


Reposting some items from the megathread to hopefully get some more traction:

Plant from the Dev HQ, I think?:

Curtains from Courtyard Villa:

Nimbus/Item Playground clouds:


Aw heck yeah I’d kill for those stage light crossbars, thought of making a build that would need them, but making them on my own proved to be too tedious