Post-release HD textures

Will there be an HD texture pack DLC/Workshop item for those wishing to play and heat their room at the same time? Or will the game provide the best visuals possible already when running with maximum settings?

If neither, could one use third party Workshop texture packs on official servers? Client side, I mean.

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Burning CPU? :grin:

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I would say it looks very good as is.


They have been working to replace the textures, if I remember rightly. There were development pictures showing new textures being used in areas like the condo lobby.

I like to lick walls, so…
Besides, the possibly low detail textures you see in the game now weren’t worked on with that resolution.

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Ah, gotcha.

I have heard they’re working on some newer ones. Just wait a bit, wouldn’t be surprised if they were done by the end of the month. Obviously, I’m not informed about their workflow so I’m not positive.