Post launch monetization?

Apologies if this is the wrong section for a question like this.

I’m curious how PT intend on maintaining TU in the longer term (keeping servers online/extended development), given the policy of no post-launch monetisation such as MTX or DLC?

For a game with a live service model I’m somewhat worried about the longer term plan for TU to remain a sustainable product for PT to maintain.

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We will continue to run servers provided we have the funds to do so, luckily even with all the backend services required to run Tower Unite, it’s cheaper than hosting GMod Tower was.

Tower Unite won’t be our only game, and we have plans in the future for other games we’d like to make, which would help supply income.

However, we do have a contingency in the event of not being able to pay for the servers. In the event we can’t continue to operate the servers, we would allow players to run their own plaza servers with the same features the official ones have.


Personally, I’d still like a way to donate, or have a PT patreon specifically for maintaining TU.

I’d donate, even if there were no special rewards :wink:


Do 'em one better and buy extra copies of the game for your friends. That way they get donation money AND extra customers!


You could add some real ads in the plaza billboards.

Everyone wants to walk by a pepsi ad while getting a piano at Songbirds.



I like the way you think :point_right::sunglasses::point_right:

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