(POST EARLY ACCESS) 48 hour free trial

So after the EA will end there should be like free trail that will last for 48(?) hours (counting only when the game is open)

After those 48(?) hours while launching the game there should be communicate like that

“Sorry but your 48h trail is over, buy the full game if you wanna play more”

We have no plans for free trial periods.


I think a free trial weekend would be a better bet than a demo period, but I do think that some form of free trial at some point in time would be a good idea.

I think something like that would be good, but only when the game is extremely polished and full of content, which is gonna be far off. Don’t get me wrong, there’s tons of stuff to do right now, but every time I start giving my friend a tour after they buy the game, I can feel their eyes rolling when they see all the “COMING SOON” signs littered across the plaza.


That is why it says post early Access in the title