Possible to move Workshop into a native workshop

If can be possible that Pixeltails create a new workshop and migrate to make support more platforms like Xbox, Playstation, Switch and more.

Bethesda did this for mods on games there a bit time ago, like the same type of contents seems at Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

If Pixeltails made saves into their servers than Steam. Why not doing the same to Workshop?
If all is set, maybe Tower Unite can be port to Xbox, Playstations, Switch, and maybe Oculus.

This feature can be a awesome way to get this game avaiable to others stores like Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, GOG, etc. where can get the sames functions than just focusing only at Steam.

This can be a greate deal right on the way.

Bold of you to assume Pixeltail has the resources for something like this

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