[Possible Spoilers] One Punch Man season 1 is over

So for those of you that are fans of One Punch Man you probably already know that season 1 is over. Saitama and Boros duked it out and it was incredible, but now we have to wait for season 2. Anyways I was wondering what you guys thought about episode 12, did you love every minute of it like I did or were you underwhelmed?

Oh crap, I forgot to start watching! Ugh, I got some catching up to do.

Not a huge anime fan myself but this is one that I absolutely love.

season 2 pls

The people behind One Punch Man are saying they’re going to try their hardest to make season 2 a reality, and there’s so much support for it. The only problem is that the manga doesn’t have quite enough content yet that’s redrawn in Yusuke Murata’s style. So we may have to wait a while but it’s definitely going to happen.