Possible Arcade Launch Day Statistics?

Arcade Launch Day Stats:

I think it would be cool to see visual statistics for the launch day of the Arcade (if possible) as this was a huge day for Tower Unite and so would show the extreme success of it. It could show peak player count; amount of tokens spent; most played arcade game; hours spent in arcade; total hours of said machine etc…


I think the closest thing we have right now would be the Steam player count.
As for specifics on the arcade, that might be a bit harder to measure.



it is really a success when nothing work and the server crashed. What you want with this useless statistics

Yes the start of the launch didn’t go as plan but the Dev Team quickly Fixed it within a few hours. And since the patch most haven’t had a problem and by the amount of players on I think it is a success. For the ‘useless’ statistics, I think that it would just emphasis the sheer volume of people that played Tower Unite and specifically the Arcade that day. In which shows the success of it (what the Devs should be proud of and be able to showcase it). But if it’s a hassle to do then I’d understand why they wouldn’t do it as it isn’t that important of a thing.


Are there technical issues? Yes. But is the arcade awesome? Heck yes. Not cool to bash on the dev team who worked so hard on this update. This is the best thing I’ve played in a long long time.


In my opinion, the server outages were mitigated to the best of PT’s ability. They were in the discord most of yesterday working tirelessly to hold things together. I’d say they deserve a little more credit than “nothing worked.” It’s actually a miracle that things worked as well as they did on day 1 of the largest content update in Tower’s recent history.

In the end, their providers were the ones closing the servers, they did everything in their power to keep as many up as possible. But when they were up, they were stable and everything worked great.

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Yep. The server hosts come out of left field with that “rate limiting” or whatever at the worst possible time. Devs were immediately on it.

I have not gotten a single fatal error crash and the devs have had an impressively constant presence in all forms of communication.

Considering all the variables with recent server changes, crowding 64 people into a single room, all the physics based arcade games, etc. this update had been surprisingly stable.

Are we able to atleast see peak of players with the game launched? Even if you can’t connect to a plaza we should have that I’d think.


Holy cow!



I think this summarizes it, considering it went public on Steam in 2016. Very impressive.