Porting Model Issue | Unable to find root armature

Hello, I’m trying to export a model to Collada 1.5 using Cinema4D, utilizing the Workshop tool it spurts out this error “Unable to find root armature”.

Here we can see the structure, and there is indeed a root.


I’m doing this on the account that my friend can’t export the same model using Blender, though they encounter a separate issue “Invalid contents in Element N”. I’ve never ported models before, just trying to help them.

Any assistance, whether it be for my issue using Cinema4D or their issue using blender is appreciated.


You need to merge all the meshes into one

For anyone else stuck on this issue, I just posted about it but figured it out. In my case it was because I renamed the TU rig to “Armature.TU” while working on it. It has to be the default name of just “Armature” for the game to recognize it, it seems.

So if you renamed the rig, you’ll need to change it back before importing.

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Probably TowerUnite can’t read Collada exported from Cinema4D.
Export model to Blender with Fbx(Z-Up) then convert to dae.