Portable camera?

Hey, Would it be cool, to take pictures from a portable, place-able camera, that can fit like 3 people in the frame. We can take group pictures WITH the author. Please add this!

We already have a camera tool though? I think it’d be better if the current tool be improved, e.g. not showing the game UI when taking a picture, allowing an option to set a timer and place it on the ground, etc so you can do stuff like group photos properly. I like the idea of being able to place the camera, just sounds like you’re suggesting a new tool entirely.


I think making it a different tool would be good, just make it higher priced and give some benefits to using it (wider screen, countdown timer, classic picture take sound effect)

If this was added, i wish it was usable like fireworks, where you can place it down, etc.
Or, you click and it stays from where you’re looking and detaches your Point of View from your character.

Wouldn’t something like a camera upgrades system work better though? Like there could be attachments sold at Central Circuit that improve the baee camera tool, adding on stuff like wider FOV, a tripod for placing it down, a remote switch, etc