Pop Up Shops

I think a small but cool addition to the game would be pop-up shops (Unlike the the seasonal characters that are already in the game)

Basically there would be a tent or a character that shows up somewhere once in a while, and that person will sell items that you can’t buy anywhere else.

EX: Weapon Wall Shop, Record Shop, Book Shop, etc.

that and or maybe you could sell items to them for a better price,
eg rather than selling all these rocks i did not need for 50% of the price i can go to this special dude that shows up and sell them for 75% of the original price making it more worth it even though i went out of my way to get and find this character, and i can also sell all these things i get from the seasonal characters than i dont need or want.


sell rocks to the rock man


I swear to god I read this as “Pop-up shoes” at first.


I’m pretty sure that in gmod tower they had a similar thing, unless I’m remembering incorrectly, it became the stray. But in gmod tower the travelling merchant never really travelled, neither does the stray, even though I wish they did. In reality they just need to make the visiting characters have unique items with maybe missions attached, cause honestly the dollar store bull crap they have sucks.