Poorly optimized

The optimization is really terrible, like I have even heard thing of new graphics card getting heated from this, I mean i am personally confused because my graphics card heats up more then if I was playing Skyrim, so please fix soon, thank you

Optimization is near the bottom of the To-Do list. There’s a lot that still needs to be added to the game before optimization takes priority. Features come first, then they’ll smooth out the rough edges.

Please elaborate.
Also, what is your setup? But yes, there is still optimisations to be done.

Try disabling Post processing. I had it on turbo and I was getting some ridiculously low FPS, but since I have it disabled, I have a solid 60 FPS most of the time.

I have a friend with a 980 and it heats up his graphics card

I have an 980 myself, and I don’t see temperatures above 70C anywhere in this game.

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Try disabling antialiasing, that can be a pretty big hit to your framerate sometimes.

runs fine for me
you can’t expect to run every new game that comes out forever on the same hardware you’ve had for years.

I’ve got a 760 and I have everything on the highest settings with no issues at all.

I got gtx560 and there was no problem in game.

Optimization is a constant thing we are always doing each build. However, if your hardware is from 2011, there’s not a lot we can do that we aren’t already doing. You should try to not compare us to AAA games like Skyrim. We’re using a very new engine (Unreal 4) and we’re still in Early Access.

Please post your specs and we can see what’s up. Also where are you getting the heating issues? Are you in a Condo, the Plaza, or in a game like Minigolf?


How about a screen of your temps, model of your GPU? Maybe you think 60°C is much.
I’m using gtx 460 + fx 4100 - I really thought I won’t be able to play TU normally, but I actually have 50 FPS stable with 70°C and I’m pretty amazed that it runs so smoothly. I think the team did a great job with optimization.

I get like 76 degrees and understand my setup is really good

I actually get heating issues from everywhere inside the game

Also does i count if any of mine is older?

This needs to be confirmed by a dev:
If you truly believe it’s a problem with the game you could try this: Not sure if you’ll be able to run Tower Unite? Try this UE4 performance tester and tell us if there are any major differences in temps (remember to increase quality with “]” button) (maybe it will show us if there are any problems with your game config)

On TU I have around 74°C and in the test I have around 68°C so keep in mind the results won’t be the same.

76 is nothing to be worried about. I get 80 in demanding games , like Witcher 3, which is to be expected.
I use MSI Afterburner to adjust my fan speeds and it has helped a lot. Graphics cards’ own fan profiles are usually really quiet (and as such, slow and not good at cooling), until you hit high temperatures of 85-90 celsius when it suddenly turns your card into a jet engine.

Please post your specifications. The graphics card alone can’t govern your gaming experience.

Without computer specs this conversation will lead nowhere.


Use this to get your specs

Alternatively, use Speccy.