Poorly made Photoshop montage about how I see Tower Unite's planet

Inspired by DiscWorld + Atlas statue

I was bored

you can recognize the plaza in the middle


Nice. What’s funny is it’s accurate.

EDIT: Lol whut the catbags?! I did NOT notice that before XD

This was made because we were wondering how the ocean expansion would work

lol thank you XP and yeah I made a catsack holding the world since I found the new model ridiculously cute and funny looking X3

There’s normally more island proposed for exploration and I would have added some, but so far it’s just water everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

The real question is
#whats inside the cat sack?
I can tell it has arms, that’s for sure


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That’s pretty much how the Source Engine sees the world, but as a square.
(I noticed the cat sack)

Wouldn’t it be cool if they can somehow manage to make the ocean loop to the other side of the island? Like that one Lego Island game I forgot the name of?

That was what we talked about on discord. But I think it might be hard and take up a load of memory to make a map big enough and have working physics over a curved surface