Pool (Billards) mini game bug

theres a few noticable bug in my opinion from playing pool game in a few other metaverse game and also on mobile games.
issue #1 the balls always get desync and dragged back to original / random position when certain ping is reached (usually 100ms+)
issue #2 the ball collider seem to be not accurate / not shaped well , sometimes u hit the ball but it doesnt do anything , it just went pass it
Issue #3 Ball ricochet feature , it seem like the pool’s ball in this game cant be double knocked
example if theres 3 ball in straight line , u shoot at max strenght , it will only hit and bounce the first or second ball at max , it wont did anything to third ball

Steps to Reproduce

I believe most of the info is described as above . Do let me know if you got any question

What I expected to happen

issue #1 the ball sound sync more frquently so it wont have lag issue , if theres lag issue , maybe try to delay the game server receiving respond time? like make the server wait for ack only proceed the action , i know the game might be loading / syncing for player if u do this , but atleast its better than desync

issue #2 resize / redo the collider to make it more accurate presented (pss i know everyone hate doing perfect collider but this game seem to be needed as its important )

issue #3 as for this one the ball should collide as the real physics intended , as for programming side , i have no knowledge on this so i cant say anything about it

What happened

issue #1 desync and ball back to original / random location

issue #2 ball keep missing the shots

Issue #3 ball not getting bounce properly

Notes / Media


All of these issues will be soon sorted out. I plan to rewrite the physics networking which will eliminate these issues as all of these are networking issues. I hope to tackle this by the Casino Phase 2 update.


there seem to be another bug
where the game spawn a pool stick and it stuck there
visual bug