There should be poll for the forums, literally every other forum has it

There have been polls.

@TechMasterAllen Where?

Here’s a link to where a few are:http://forums.pixeltailgames.com/c/community-polls

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I think, he asked for polls that player can add on their subject ^^’

Yup that is wat i mean

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Yes it would be great but i don’t know if they can with this forum ^^’

Dunno if it’s available in this specific forum, but I assume they are since Mac said they are fixed, but here’s how it seems to work:

First off you put "Poll: " in the tittle of your topic preceding anything else. After that you create list using the Bullet List (CTRL+U). The first list will become a poll.


Somewhat related, I think there needs to be much more developer polls. We’ve only had three in the last two months :stuck_out_tongue:

Ima test that @PoliteWhale

EDIT: It didn’t work =(

Here’s how you make polls in your post!

Just put this in your post:

(replace ‘Choice [X]’ with the choices you want, adding more choices by just adding a dash, a space, then the name of your choice)

- Choice 1
- Choice 2
- Choice 3

And this will end up looking like:

  • Choice 1
  • Choice 2
  • Choice 3

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Let’s try it out!

How much are you exciting about TU?

  • I’m really excited, i just can’t wait!
  • … I think it’s a good game, not really excited at all

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I tried to stick two polls in my topic, but apparently they need titles before posting since there are multiple. How do you do that?

@Spriteclad thanks!