Poll Booth item

I thought it’d be nice to have a poll booth item similar to how Discourse polls work. You’d place the booth item, and choose the question/available responses. Upon pressing E at the poll booth, a paper (similar to the collection book style?) shows up and provides the title as well as questions. You can choose if responses show after completion, immediately, or not until closed as well as the ability to change the poll type (single selection, checkboxes, etc).
You could gather data about an area of your condo, make a little voting minigame, and so much more without having to rely on sending everyone a link in chat or displaying it on a billboard and making them tab out of TU for it.
It sounds both fun and practical in many different ways imo.

honestly, just more customisable, interactable furniture please.


When it ends confetti should explode outside of it.

If I recall, this has been suggested before, but it’s probably the best way to get the community engaged since most players don’t use the forums. Pressing E on a poll booth takes little to no effort, and if there were an incentive (a small unit bonus) for completing it, there’d be even more reason to leave feedback.

Personal polling booths for condos would be cool, too.