Pls hurry with the placable doors pixeltail

i have 2 rooms in my condo which need doors which dont have though so please hurry up witht hose placable doors pixeltail

They’ll get to it when they get to it. They have more important stuff to work on first.

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wow… that was a fast reply and i know but it only takes 16 lines of coding for it it literally takes nothing

You have no idea. A lot of people think game development is a lot easier than it is. There’s a bunch of stuff that making a new item includes.
Normal Mapping
Implementing to stores
Implementing to steam inventory
And testing, and a bunch of other stuff. So they will get to it when they get to it.


Its a planned feature but with no date, but they have other stuff to work on. (like the casino)

Only takes 16 lines of coding? How do you know that, are you a programmer?

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     Purpose: Make door
     Usage: Call the function
     Arguments: None
     Returns: Door
void MakeDoor(){
     Vector3 pos = InFrontOfPlayer();
     Angle ang = AnglesOrSomeShit();
     print( "Spawning a door" );
     print( "Yup, I'm doing it" );
     print( "Man, this is going to be one great door." );
     print( "Love me some doors." );
     print( "Hacking the FBI..." );
     Object.Spawn( "Door" );

i am experience gaem developer please hire me


Made my day, this man has potential folks. Hire meharryp today.

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thansk i maek good game

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You will come far my good man.

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Just put sv_spawndoor in to the console and it spawns a beta version of the door! Trust me I have tested it and it works I swear.