Please stop in global chat

i dont like it.
this is the 2nd day in a row where i come on TU and everyone in global chat are talking about feet and foot fetishes and asking to yiff…
why do you people do this?!?!?!
also people keep saying they are getting pregnant or gregnant by sucking birds?

also if your a furry, sure ok you are, but stop bringing stuff like that into global, i dont want to read about how “Dragon cum is the drink of the kings” it just ain’t something i want to read and it ain’t PG.

keep the global chat family friendly or im going to cry.
you dirty dirty people have already ruined my and other peoples day with all your dirty comments, please stop so you dont ruin more peoples days, thanks.

from your local freak littleluke/notgaylien



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The devs have said they’ll make the rules of chat more clear pretty soon. If people abide by those rules then it’s fair game. That said, I’m not sure how blatantly sexual topics will be judged. In any case, if global chat is too cancerous for you, it’s easy enough to swap to local or disable it altogether.

i hate it
but i love it

Sometimes i feel like chatrooms and chat features in games is a kind of window into the deepest and darkest crevice of the human psychology, where even the most depraved person would be disgusted by what they’re seeing.

To be fair, get some moderators in.

I’ll be honest the idea of having moderators in the chat is relieving considering some of the stuff I’ve witnessed in global. But at the same time, I’m going to miss the feeling of late night gambling whilst shaking my head at the cancer in chat.

Maybe there could be an 18+ chat? I dunno, maybe I’m just hung up on change.


Oh god.

I don’t really mind seeing mature discussions in global chat but the near-constant yiff talk could potentially turn away new players, and with how unstable the playerbase is I think that’s the last thing we want. I agree with the idea of having an opt-in channel where (mostly) anything goes, but we’d still need mods in general.

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i kind of like this global chat now, with random shit / vulgar shit, it has its charms, other than spamming shit like yiff and feet

Having different channels, like in irc chats, would be kinda coolio.

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When the gmod part of tower unite comes out… the shitposting is real