Please Show Us a Preview of The Condo With a Roof

@macdguy Can you please show us a picture of the condo with a roof beore you release it so we can configure our furniture?

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Mac said the roof for the condo will have a toggle.

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Ummm why?

To my knowledge, they haven’t even started work on the Condo roof yet. And if they did, we would’ve saw something on the Development Sneak Peak thread, or even on Discord.

When the devs get to do work on the Post-Casino update, they’ll post progress on it (like the condo roof) on the sneak peak thread. We are going to see what it will look like and how it will work, again, when it’s done, or close to being done.

There was a little video showing the new FPS counter, and it showed a window-like roof. I’ll see if I can find it real quick…

Here it is

Oh and as for mets, the roof will be toggleable, so there’s no worry in having to move furniture out of the way of the roof.

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Lol, I was about to link him to that. @Advanst

I think you quoted the wrong user.

I replied to Zye saying that I was going to say that and i mentioned Advanst because he said it first.