Please remove bullet and projectile collisions from foliage

For the past week and a half, I have been working on a PVP CTF condo that works with full I/O functionality.

The map is themed around a swamp, with tall grass and bushes aplenty. It being a PVP map, I added grass not only for decoration, but also to function as potential hiding spots. However, there is only one major issue that I have, and that is that things like grass and bushes, for seemingly little reason, collide with bullets and projectiles.

Obviously, this isn’t an issue normally as grass usually isn’t that high. But I made the grass nearly head height or higher. I also used grass to add interesting swampy foliage to the trees. When you shoot in either the grass, or if a tree is in the way, the bullet will get blocked most of the time. Since disable collisions only removes player hitbox collision, that won’t work. So right now I’m a bit stuck.

It’s a shame because I only realized this AFTER I BUILT THE WHOLE CONDO.

I worry this collision issue will make the map nearly unplayable.

So my suggestion is to remove the bullet collision from most of the foliage. Obviously trees should still have collision, but their leaves shouldn’t. Bushes and grass should have no collision at all. I find it really strange considering that leaves and grass don’t collide through players, or their ragdolls, so it’s clear that the collision for things like trees is already present, but just not used for this type of collision.

Also, this one isn’t nearly as bad imo, but as I mentioned earlier, disabling collisions on items does not remove their bullet and ragdoll collisions, which sucks here as well because the fog in my condo is made using a gradient of canvas cubes. If you shoot in the air your projectiles/bullets will get stopped mid-air by the artificial fog.

Would be nice if this was something you could toggle per-item like player collisions, too.

Which foliage items are the main issues here? I can go through them all, of course, but what are the first bad ones?

Most of the muddy parts of the map are covered in grass, variation 15. Everywhere with this grass variation is pretty much like a wall.

The grass hanging from the trees is variation 12. Variation 12 has a rather spotty hitbox, however, so it’s somewhat 50/50 whether it passes through or not.

Although I did notice something.

It seems that the ACTUAL hitscan/collision for the bullets STILL GOES THROUGH. It is only the aesthetic part of firing that collides (the projectiles of a weapon/the bullet particle). it would be nice if the feedback was still there, though.

You can see this when you shoot a bell. (I forgot to turn on sound for this recording, but you can still see the bell swing, meaning it detected a hit!)

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This is now fixed in the next update. Thank you for the details on the suggestion!