Please make the timer in gamemodes back to server side, not client side

Before the update, The timer was server-side, which for at least ballrace was a good thing as it prevented the possibility of glitched leaderboard times. But as of the update, it reverted back to client-side, which did fix a visual glitch with the timer but ended up making the ballrace leaderboards being to be once again easily broken. So if possible at the very least, in ballrace please revert the timer to server-side.

The timer is server side. This wasn’t changed.

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Why do you think it is broken? (Genuine question, since the server wasn’t changed.)

Look at the current leaderboards atm

You’re gonna have to be more specific as to what leaderboards you are referring to. The timer was always server side, even with changes before. If someone is abusing a glitch or cheating in the game, we can issue out bans or clear their leaderboards.

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it was the ballrace leaderboard, caboose removed the times already.