Please join my steam group

I know, I know. I’m begging for members on my steam group. Now I’m not gonna lie to ya, this group is pretty much a random thing I made cause I had a name idea and was bored. :stuck_out_tongue: But hey, we may have some tower unite events if we make this a mediocer sized group…

By that, I mean we will :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the group :


Man, what a stupidly immature name. I wouldn’t want to join just because I don’t wanna be associated with that stupid name.

:frowning: rip

Won’t join just because you dont give us a reason to, lets face it game events made from steam groups suck unless the group has above 1k members or someone famous owns it, okay and lets say you advertise to reach those members why would we join in the first place make us understand the porpuse of it, is it just about game events if so then not my cup of tea, because lemme tell you I wont
wanna get spammed with announcements of game events that only 3 people join

P.s. Nothing personal budd just my opinion :slight_smile:

I have a suspicion that I made a mistake making this thread…

Hey! What a great opportunity to make new friends! I think I’ll join because I love doing engaging things in Tower Unite with a group of people that are there to have fun.

Thanks for letting me know that your group is open to new members and you’re looking to do TU events!


Nah not really I’m pretty sure that a handful of people will join

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Here’s why you shouldn’t make groups that just have the purpose of “getting together, making friends, playing together”
no one is ever interested in them, it only works if you make these groups with friends you already have


there are quite some people on steam that just accept group invites and have a full list of them, some people don’t care about a group’s ‘quality’


Basically me :smiley: