Please Help Me

I backed tower unite on kickstarter but then it failed. A few months later I checked in and learned the game already got refunded on IndieGoGo. So I’ve been waiting, and it finnaly came out April 8th. I bought it on April 9th and was brought an unpleasant surprise. It LAGGED so BAD. And i have very good internet (56 mb/s download, 12mb/s upload).
I couldn’t join any servers and all the menus were barely usable. I later applied for a refund and was very disappointed I didn’t get to play the game I wanted to play for so long.Does anyone have any way to fix this so I could have a reason to cancel the refund.

Ping lag or FPS? If it’s FPS turn down settings. For ping try join servers near you.

In addition to what Danalite said, what are your specs? It’s possibly that you don’t meet the minimum specs for the game.

8 gigs of RAM

I think its both

how do you tell

FPS counter, and check your ping by pressing tab and finding your name.

Just knowing your RAM isn’t going to help much. Specs for the GPU and CPU are also necessary.

ok ill check

I’m sorry I’m a noob, but how do you check that

CPUZ or go to My PC > Right click > Properties (This wont show GPU info)

ok thanks guys Try this

gonna cancel refund