Please give the default Canvas variant consistent proportions

One would think and expect that the default Canvas variant to be exactly 0.50m across on the X and Y axes, but this is not the case.

Here we compare the default X and Y scales of the default Canvas variant against a Canvas Cube)

Upon closer inspection, I have measured the lengths across these axes by:-

  • Placing items on the opposing parallel faces in-game, and calculated the difference between their X/Y positions given in the gizmo editor.
  • Exported the model to Blender and used the appropriate tools to determine the true edge lengths.

From this, I have determined that:-

  • By placing items on opposing parallel faces, the dimensions of the default canvas variant are; 55.89 units across the X axis, and 56.02 units across the Y axis, subject to rounding.

  • By inspecting the model in Blender, and selecting the outermost edges, the dimensions are; 0.56 across the X axis, and 0.558 units across the Y axis.

Were I to manually scale the default Canvas variant to approximately 0.50m on both axes, I would need to scale the Canvas to approximately 0.89 on both the X and Y axis, and this isn’t perfect as 50 ÷ 55.XX leaves A LOT of trailing digits, which will result in loss of precision and get rounded to 2 decimal places in the gizmo editor.

As an example, were I to use and improvise a Haunted Canvas (an item that uses the default Canvas variant as a base) as an illusory wall, the above fix would potentially lead to visual seams that would be visible to those with a keen eye, thus ruining immersion.

If the proportions and scaling on default variant of this item could be made consistent with respect to the other Canvas primitives, then that would be excellent.