PLEASE fix this insane hitboxes for Little Crusaders

It’s really unfair that I can stand 5 feet away from the Chimera and he can still freeze me and bite me. This freezing bullcrap is also annoying when I’m trying to jump away from him. Please fix this in LC. Maybe instead of insane hitboxes, give the dragon more stamina or something or possibly a fire breathing ability.

this is for tower unite, not gm tower.
you’re looking for the gmtower forum which is found here:

I know. I’m saying please don’t have these hitboxes for Little Crusaders.

oh, i understand.

Unreal Engine 4 is a much much newer engine than Source. Networking also won’t be too bad at all. Your worries should be put to rest, because it’s no longer gonna be a game programmed within a modification of a game.

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I think we all know the feel when the chimera’s buttcheeks reach out and bite you.

lol its like they dont even look up the info before posting these topics

Ugh. It’s like a reverse Xenomorph… Ech.

I realize that. Thank you. I just always thought this hitbox issue was a part of the game mechanics.