Plaza XP has been reset

The XP for plaza and casino have been reset. firework I still h ave the firework launcher from the milestone though. firework2

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Caught macroing?

Pretty sure if their XP was wiped because of a macro, they would not have their milestones anymore.

OP might have lost connection to the backend server.


This reponse of yours offers little value the poster. You should be offering more info and support rather than just basically, assuming they’re a cheat - and it makes you come off as abit arrogant.


Also, yeah this happens a fair bit to people, aslong as you weren’t macroing you are good! Hold in there help will come!

I was a whole month without my lobby xp reset until I decided to dm some admins to look into it.

Good luck

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dm Caboose this happened to me before
I suggest telling him this now before its to far back for him to see


I’m not assuming they’re a cheat or trying to come off as arrogant. An XP wipe usually means you were caught macroing and if they were their question would be answered. Apologies.

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Do I just dm them on the forums? sorry, not really sure how to do stuff

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