Plaza Trench?

There seems to be a odd trench in the water here

may help with fishing? (probably not though) or to do with the boat rental? (probably not though)
it could be there just because why not

Not sure what’s so strange about this? To me it just looks like a dip in the ground underwater, dunno what would be noteworthy about that


Keep searching the trench and you might find the thermal exhaust port. Detonate a proton torpedo inside and you’ll set off a chain reaction that will destroy lobby 3, thus bringing back lobby 2.


i feel like that isn’t true, if it is does it mean once it happens you and lifeless will have to go back to lobby 2 and redo it all again?

If I have to work on Lobby 2 again I quit, so god damn you better not set off that proton torpedo.


In the future, when the Fishing Update drops…

Hi this Alex from the Prizim Podcast, and today I’m gonna detonate this Proton Torpedo I fished up in the trench area of Lobby 3! Looks like we’ll have some fun!

It was a Star Wars reference