Plaza suggestion - Be able to host your own Private Plazas

I love playing the plaza and the plaza mini-games, and my brother would also like to. He has selective muteism and dyslexia and refuses to join public plazas because he is afraid of other people. I would love to see the ability to create private plazas so we can play plaza games together and enjoy the full experience with one-another.

If this is already possible, please let me know how to as I’ve been dying to play plaza with him but he is too afraid to play publicly.

Thank you very much,

You can create dedicated servers using Linux, but they are being discontinued soon in favor for dedicated condo servers.


I am fully aware, I saw that they were stopping it, I wasn’t sure if there was another method. The problem about that is that there arent the plaza minigames or any plaza thing at all in dedicated condos, and thats why I really would love the feature to host a friends only kind of plaza or something along those lines so my brother can actually try every plaza thing.

Stuff like the Casino is disabled for security reasons.

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Would it be better if he disabled text/voice chat? That option is available in the settings, that way he doesn’t have to actually interact with anyone.


I mean, I insist on him doing that but all he says is the fact there there are other people and they can join and says “Yeah, no” because of this, and this is why I really want this feature, so he stops acting like this and will actually join a plaza server

Unfortunately that’s really the only other option. During quiet times, there can be plenty of servers that are empty or have 1-2 people in them, and there’s plenty of tools to turn off chat, block their models or do whatever’s necessary. Seeing as community condos is being made, unfortunately I can’t see them adding any more to unofficial plaza servers to allow for this.

I guess I was hoping for something maybe too unreasonable or unlikely to happen. However even if there are little to no players and even if he can block this stuff, he still refuses to do so, purely due to the presence or possible future presence of other random people.