Plaza not connectable

so ive tried to loginto plaza and on to the pixeltail official tower unite lobby and i still cant. as soon as i click join it then goes to the loading menu buffs for like 2-4 seconds then stops and freezes. ive tried disbaling and portforwarding and chcek my security and ports its not alowing me to get in. i get into game servers with ease but cant join a plaza also condos work fine

Now wait. Does it FREEZE ( as in Not Responding) or does the loading circle animation stop, like it was paused?

If it was the second one, all you have to do is wait for it to load.

But if nothing happens in 3 minutes, then there’s an actual issue.

The same is happening to me, and it goes non-responsive

The PixelTail official server doesn’t appear at all for me now. I refreshed a lot of times earlier and it appeared, but now it won’t appear at all. I can’t even connect from my condo, I try to leave to lobby and it just kicks me back into my condo until I disconnect.