Plaza Map Layout + Cross-server Functionality?

Hi guys, I found my way to Tower Unite and GMTower around the time of the original Kickstarter and had a couple of questions about the game:

Firstly, is the Plaza map for Tower Unite intended to be an expanded version of the GMTower Lobby map (as suggested by the current alpha build) or will it be a new design? While I’ve nothing against the current map, it feels like the monorail Gem might be a little redundant given that you can walk anywhere within the map in a minute or two anyway.

Second, the original Kickstarter mentioned that “Tower Unite servers will attempt to communicate with other Tower Unite servers and provide sparse game state information such as player positions and text chat. You’ll be able to spot players in 3D space who are on another Tower Unite server and pull them over to yours to hook up.” However, I couldn’t find any reference to this on the Indiegogo page. Is this still a planned feature (it would certainly help to make less popular servers feel less empty) or was it dropped?

Thanks in advance, looking forward to seeing the results of this project!

The plaza is the same but they are gonna add some more stuff to the map but i’m not sure about the expansion part.

P.S: There is going to be a live stream talking all about that and more if you haven’t heard of it yet.

Link: The PixelTail Saturday-ish Livestream Extravaganzy

Thank you for the response :slight_smile: Can anyone confirm or deny the presence of the cross-server functionality as described in the original Kickstarter? It might be tricky to implement (which may be why it’s no longer on the Indiegogo page) but it would certainly help to make smaller servers feel less empty.