Plaza is is a Lagfest After Update

For me, the Plaza is unplayable after this update. I may be running minimum specs, but I’m hitting a bottleneck, but I don’t know what it is. I can set my resolution scale to 1 and my FPS will stay under 10. I’m not being CPU bottlenecked, and I have the minimum 4GB of ram that’s on the steam store. I don’t run any programs in the background (aside from things like MSI afterburner and windows backround stuff) Disabling workshop does nothing to help.

Why is my FPS hitting a wall?

System Specs That Matter:

GPU AMD Radeon HD 5450 (typically 100% usage, but dips sometimes after the update.)

CPU Intel Core i5-3470 (hovers around 25% usage, maxes at 50-60%)

RAM 4GB 1600 MHz DDR4

Important note: before exiting the transit station, my fps is normal, but after exiting, it dips from 60FPS with stutters every second (which are normal :/) and drops down to 20. After that it’s a steady decline into the low 10s and single digits of FPS. FPS in my all of my condos are not affected.

I got 20-30 fps on plaza too and im now at 1 fps at most parts.

  • Pc specs:

  • core 2 duo e7500 2.93ghz

  • 4gb drr3 ram

  • AMD radeon hd 6450

Yeah, I’ve been lagging like crazy since the update as well.

3.6ghz i7-4790
GTX 1080ti
16gb ram

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Performance has been WAAAAAAAAAAY down in condos too, as of ):

Don’t think that’s related to this patch. None of the Condos were updated in a major way.

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I dunno! Something changed, as my framerate is about 10 FPS lower than usual, even in areas where it used to be really smooth in my condo. It seems like lights got kinda bugged in this update? They look different, and wherever I have a high concentration of lights, my performance dips significantly more than it used to! D:

I’ll see if I can make a bug report about the lights, depending on if I have screenshots of before and after

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You should be having 0 issues. wow. I have a similar system.

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The issue has been patched

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This issues seems to be just a bug, since people with much higher performing machines are still having it. UnlistedSky2 says it patched, but it seems your graphics card is the biggest bottleneck in your system, if you’re still curious. That’s usual if you’re using a prebuilt system (Ex: Dell, HP, Sony, Lenovo, etc…). They skimp out on the graphics card quite a bit to keep costs down. Doubling your ram to 8 would help, but probably isn’t necessary.

Yeah, never had issues until the workshop update.

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Workshop models aren’t something we can really 100% optimize. It’s up to the workshop creators too. Workshop models could use a lot of VRAM or have too many polygons. But we did set limits and hopefully people are optimizing their workshop models as much as possible.

There is a bug with static workshop models that causes them to render more often then they should (aka don’t get occluded behind walls), but player models don’t have this issue.


That’s odd that you have issues. I don’t.
AMD Ryzen 5 1600x
GTX 980Ti
16GB DDR4 ram
1TB SSD (drive TU is on)

Your CPU is quite a bit better than mine

ah, that’ll do it. For some reason I was thinking you had a newer i7. Forgot they’re in the 8000 series now.

Actually, the 9000s just came out last week. Just ordered a new computer that should get here next week, that has the brand new i9-9900K in it. Can’t wait

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Jeez, I can’t even keep up with it anymore. That thing should be pretty quick. You ordered a prebuilt? Or you ordered parts?

Prebuilt. It’s a custom build from CyberPowerPC. I’ve bought my last few computers from them.

eek. I’ll keep my opinions on prebuilt systems to myself. I just don’t see them as cost efficient, and I’ve found those companies love to cut corners. Usually in the hard drive, graphics card, or ram areas. I built my computer, and have just slowly upgraded stuff. I like doing it this way since I don’t have to blow another couple grand on a prebuilt every few years.

It’s a custom build. I picked every part that went into it. And sure, it is more expensive but I just look at it as paying for the convenience of not having to do it myself.

It’s actually really easy to put it together yourself. I’d argue picking the parts is the hard part.