Plaza Games Quick Reactions

Allow quick reactions for plaza games

For instance, in bowling, options like “Nice Shot!” or “Good Spin!” that pop up like a toast on everyone’s (who’s playing’s) screen in the bottom right or something

“Good Game!” when you finished 2nd or lower

“Don’t Give Up!” when you didn’t finished in time (like Typing Derby or so)

“You Win!” when you finished first before the others

“You’ve Been Tagged!” & “You’re Out!” (in laser tag games) when you’ve been tagged (out of energy), and when you’re out of lives

“We Have A Jackpot!” when someone won a jackpot in the Casinos

“Thanks For Watching!” in private theater, and “Thanks For Singing With Us!” in private karaoke when the time is up

(All) Sidequest(s) completed for “Happy Halloween!” during Halloween Mode, and “Merry Christmas!” during Xmas

“Happy New Year!” during the final seconds every New Year’s Eve

“All Jugs Down! (Double Ticket Bonus!)” when you knocked all milk jugs

“Bingo!” when you get a Bingo in either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal


I didn’t mean something that happens automatically. I meant something players can do. Like Rocket League or Clash Royale reactions.

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Oh, I’m sorry. I just basically finding ideas for TU. Maybe the devs would use my suggestions (optionally)