Plaza and condo keeps blinking light and dark. Condo won't stay lit

I’ve run into a pretty big bug that’s been ongoing for three days. When I’m in the plaza whether it’s day or night time, it will start rapidly blinking. It will go from light, dark, light dark, light dark. I tried different servers but it was the same result. I also tried switching it to always day or always night, but the same effect.

This is also affected my condo because my condo is always dark now. Turning on the lights doesn’t do anything and I can’t customize because I can’t see anything. Sometimes it will flicker back to the normal lighting, but then it will go dark again. I’m pretty sure it’s related to the flickering in the plaza. (The image is what it looks like in the condo, even in day time.)

This is my first time on the forums but I didn’t see anyone else having this problem.

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The shadow flickering bug is known. It only occurs when your shadows are on the lowest setting; if you can, try incrementing it one notch.

That worked. Thank you!

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