Playermodels all showing up as white females

I have adjusted my settings to allow workshop content, my firewall isn’t a problem, I have reinstalled the game and verified the files. I have cleaned my steam download cache. There has been no change. Sometimes I see other models, but it’s only ever the other stock ones of the milk, skeleton, and male. Sometimes they appear in other colors. When I play in a condo or game world I see other models fine, but never in any plaza. The game runs fine and I have it on ultra settings. I’m at a loss. Accessories appear on the models sometimes.

Could you check your in-game workshop caches and available VRAM in the settings? If it’s not either of those this is definitely a bug. I see a lot of default white girls but they typically load in and turn to the intended model after a little while.

How would I got about doing those things?

You can check your VRAM in the Graphics section in the settings, and the workshop cache is at the workshop tab in the Content section

VRAM is under half used, and I cleared the workshop cache, and still all white females.

Just to make sure- you do have Workshop Mods and Workshop Player Models turned on in the settings, right?


Just makin’ sure.