Player Models

I am not good with UE4 but as of now I just to know what I should be making for my player model I am making.
Eg. what animation Phases should be creating, bone requirements, etc…
Would Love to know about this.

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I am asking about what I may need to do to make a working model ingame, rather then just how to model one.

Well, I’m not sure if the developers are using a different skeleton, but for now, the default skeleton found on the character in the third person template would be your best bet. In terms of animations, Andy will be (or is) hand-animating the official playermodels, so you’ll just have to use other ones until the workshop tools come out.

I guess the playermodel you want to make is specific, but if human you can still use FUSE from mixamo, the devs used it to make the recent character model as it also auto-rig the character, fuse can be downloaded on steam, then if you want you can download your model (once uploaded on mixamo’s site) and do few direct modifications
Then for the animations, I guess the game itself take care of it as long as it detects the bones, but with fuse it shouldn’t be a problem

We are using the default unreal rig as of now. I’ll let you know if that changes, but it probably won’t.