Player Joined Condo Finding

It’s very annoying now when your friend/another user in general is in a Condo and you have to ask where they are. I would LOVE it if, in the chat, you could hover over the “CONDO” tag and see who’s condo they are in.


Or a condo numbering system, plus telling you what floor they’re on.

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I bet you could fit something like CONDO #X into the tag.


You could integrate the floor number with CONDO #YX
Y is the floor number and X is the condo number.
So condo 11 on the 3rd floor would be CONDO #311

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That would be way too confusing

It could also be condo 1 on floor 31 (even if that doesn’t exist) and players would look somewhere else

A lot of schools and public buildings in my area use it. In my country, even.
It won’t be confusing as long as the floor number stays below 10. But even then you could separate floor from a condo number with a dash or slash.
If there’s only the condo number, finding the right one would be slow.

Or you could just do it the simple way and add dots

CONDO #11:3

Same thing.
Maybe this is just our way of thinking, but I’d say put the floor, the vital information, first.

In my mind, i think some art pass can be done on the condos floors to add a number above them or at the side or their doors. (or the top like Lobby2, OR even on the door itself?)

And, after this is done, there should be a system that hints you your condo number in a side message (like Lobby1&2) once you are into your condo.

OR EVEN: When you clicked the “Public” Button, the loading screen hints you the number while loading your condo. (instead of side message)

How is this idea at your eyes ?

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Yeah, this could work.

Apparently the current system is indeed so that the first number is the floor, followed by room number.