Player Flag-based Canvas Parental Control

Just a simple idea I had : a setting option to block a specific player canvases based on reports. Let me explain :slight_smile: :

  • If a player sees a dick pic on a condo, he can flag the user for NSFW content. That itself does nothing to the person in question.
  • However, if there’s at least 5 people that find their pictures offensive. A switch will activate, meaning that players with this parental control activated will not see this infringing person’s canvases.
  • Note that players with the PC option desactivated will still see those images.

That way, younger childrens with feebles minds will still be able to enjoy the creativity of SFW players’s condos while still being protected from surprise porn. On the plus side, offensers will not be really punished. Maybe a small warning, but no ban in sight.

I hope my explaination is clear enough to comprehend! :blush:


NSFW filters are planned

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It would still open up a way to troll

and have the owner’s vote count for all 5

there should also be a “SFW” vote. if the owner of a condo marked NSFW decides to completely start over (For whatever reason), then they should still be marked NSFW. however, if they no longer have NSFW pictures, then there should be a way to be “unflagged” as well. it should take way more votes to make a condo SFW again, and the owner would not have control over this.