Player Data Wiped?

I hadn’t played on TU in a bit as I was taking a break but when I came back, I realized all my progression, exp like plaza and others either have nothing or missing info. I have over 150 hours on TU, however according to the stats, I’ve only been on the plaza for the time I’ve been back. I’ve been spending my most time lately on Plaza doing the events. I also was missing all the other ones, including walk steps and more.
I had 0 percent on these prior. I’ve however built it somewhat back up but it’s still confusing.

Moving onto virus stats,
It only has a few stats from virus, again with very little info and missing information. I hadn’t played virus at all yet since I returned. (Kills missing, bullets fired and others). No EXP or milestones

Same thing is occurring with the casino stats and exp. Playtimes are messed up and missing information. I know I’ve spent many hours at the casino and not just “30 minutes”. The bets made don’t add up, I’ve apparently never won any jackpots even though I have and made no units at all from any of the machines even from just a day ago when I was at the casino it hasn’t even marked it in.

I’m just super confused, It’s as if I’m a new player according to the system and the stats. It also doesn’t even seem to be adding in any information as of recently.
It’s frustrating. I mean I do tend to forget so maybe it’s that, but looking at the exp, times, stats and more it just doesn’t seem right at all.

This is just odd coming back to TU and wondering why the system is thinking I’m a new player with nothing. Every single stat/exp/milestone is all screwed up with confusing conflicting, and contradicting information.

Is this collection book stats just broken in general or something? But then again It shouldn’t be messing with everything else.
It clearly has some stats from when I lasted played, but then with it, it’s also either conflicting or missing information.

Do I have any moderation actions taken against my account of any sort? I’d like to know as well.

Sorry if I’ve repeated myself, I’m just so puzzled on what is going on with my playerdata and trying to wrap my head around this confusing data.

My Steam ID: 76561198220309387
Steam Name: GamingFlaming

I don’t know of any actions taken against this account.

One unfortunate side affect of using Steam is it’s stats system. Steam doesn’t have a way to increment a stat (in this case EXP). Instead, we have to get your current EXP, then add the new earned EXP, and set the new value.

When Steam is down, or in rare cases whenever it feels like it, it can some times return that you have 0 of a stat. Tower Unite then takes that 0, adds your new EXP value, and sets your stat, overwriting your last value.

For this reason, there are incidents where during a Steam maintenance, people sometimes lose their stats. In some cases, based on the items a player has, we’re able to restore some EXP because of the know EXP values at which items are granted.

Due to this, we have been talking internally about handling Stats and EXP ourselves instead of relying on Steam, but the migration and handling of this process would take time and coordination so in the meantime it’s just in the planning phase.

I’m sorry that this happened to your account. I ran my scripts but based off of the items you possess, I was unable to see any EXP that could be restored from our logs.

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Ah, that’s interesting with steam maintenance could create those issues too, didn’t know that could do that.
I mean it’s nice that you have services like steam that can handle all this data storage, but I suppose a catch or a well got you is always somewhere.

It’s oh well, I just have to redo my stats/exp. Thanks for clarifying this though. Was super confused but this explains it :smiley: