Player art gallery in the Plaza

I think a neat idea that would build upon the sense of community that Tower Unite has would be an Art Gallery building where players can display their screenshots and/or art via the canvas system.

The same rules against nudity/racism/etc with player models would apply to displayed work. It would cost a decent amount of units to display your work and once displayed players could interact with it via a thumbs up or thumbs down voting system. Too large a thumbs down to thumbs up ratio and the art work gets pulled. Get a large enough thumbs up ratio and not only do you get a refund plus bonus for your units, it gets moved to the front of the gallery as art of the week. To incentivize both participating in displaying work and voting, both actions would earn EXP to a new Art Enthusiast bar which would reward exclusive items like painting easels and other art items. Being voted into being Art of the Week would reward a player with a golden beret.

The art gallery would be cleared out every week and to be sure everyone gets a chance to display work you cannot display work in consecutive weeks, you have to wait one week since your last display.

Just an idea I had to get more community involvement in the Plaza.

I think rather, it’d be cool to have a forum thread/submission form dedicated to something like this, where people could submit art and PixelTail or the community could choose/vote on ‘art of the week’ or something along those lines, and then PT could put it in the gallery, rather than letting players do it themselves. Y’know, just to avoid people using a buncha units to put bad stuff on there, regardless of the rules, and also cutting down on the need to moderate such a thing.

Could also have monthly Tower Unite fan art contests where you get a prize in units AND get your art displayed in the in-game gallery. That’d be a nice incentive, I think.