playable card games in the plaza + addable to condos!

as the name suggests, playable card games that people can play in the plaza or add to their condos! personal recommendation would be chess, uno, game of life.

Chess would be doable. No way they are affording the likely astronomical licensing fee for Uno and Life though.

There are some workarounds, uno is built very similarly to Crazy Eights which is simply a normal card game like poker or rummy.

I’d love to see more simple games like this, the close tactility of sitting around a table is great for a social game like this. Iirc checkers was mentioned to potentially come to the game world ports, which would be rad.

Ah, yeah, that’s true. Crazy Eights would definitely be good enough. Crazy Eights is definitely fun in it’s own right.

Maybe we could get a Blackjack table in condos.

“I’m going to make my own condo! With Blackjack! And Catsacks!”

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