#Plants that we can grow and sell, use them as an decoration, ingredients to cooking, special unit growing plant, and many more
#Something like cooking

Somewhere in plaza there would be an seed store where we can get seeds to basic plants
There you can also buy pots, weather can, fertilizer, etc
i will tell you later how to get more “Advanced” ones

#State and selling

One of the most important things there,
state is about how much are we caring about our plant

State looses if:

  • You don’t weather it
  • It’s not left into sun at least for a 4 days
  • other things that depents of plant

If you don’t do at least on of this things, state will start lowering, the longer and more things you wont do, the state will drop faster
State can’t rise if it’s lowering already
If we want to sell the plant, we can do sell it into:

  • Plant magazine (plant disspears and you get money)
  • Give it to other player by trading
  • Place it on steam marketplace (only special ones)

Just like in real life, we need to care about our flowers, etc.

  • Depending on the plant, we need to weather it sometimes
  • We need to left our plant in sun

We still need a place for our flower to live, so there are pots

  • Basic Pot
    -Plant amount - 1
    -Specials - nothing
    -Price - 7,500 U
  • Golden Pot
    -Plant amount - 1
    -Specials - Plant grows 50% faster
    -price - 30,000 U
  • plant box
    -plant amount - 10
    -Specials - nothing
    -Price 80,000 U

Growing plants:

After seed is placed in pot, and you care about it, it will grow,
We can only sell fully grown plants!

You can also use fertilizer, it will skip 25-60% of growing, depending of what type of fertilizer.

There’s certian amount of chance that flower will leave a seed after it will get fully grown

#Plants (examples)

  • Just an flower
    -Seed cost - 200 U
    -Sell cost - 250 U
    -Needs to be weathered 1 time in 2 days minimal
    -Doesn’t need big amount of sun
    -40% chance of dropping seed

  • darkflower
    -Seed cost - 400 U
    -Sell cost - 400 U
    -Needs to be be weathered 1 time in a day
    -keep it away from light
    -40% chance of dropping seed

  • Rose
    -Seed cost - 500 U
    -Sell cost - 1,000 U
    -Needs to be be weathered 1 time in a day
    -Needs to be in sun sometimes
    -30% chance of dropping seed

  • Sunflower
    -Seed cost - 350 U
    -Sell cost - 600 U
    -Needs to be be weathered 1 time in a 2 days
    -Needs to be in sun almost all the time
    -40% chance of dropping seed

Those are just examples, the actual list is WAAAAY longer


This is one of the most important things there

You can use plant seed and mix it with another plant, there are 3 contepts

  1. You can put seed in the plant, and then it will give you seed of plant of mix (there are also idea of getting "Mysterious seed, if you get seed of this plant for 1st time), but there are some chances that you will get a weed…
  2. You can put seed in the plant, and then mix plant will start growing , but there are some chances that you will get a weed…

#Plants from Mixes (Examples)

  • WEED
    The most worthless plant here, occured from failed mixes OR from mixes that don’t exist
    You can sell it for nothing AKA scrap it

  • Nightflower
    -Occured when putting darkflower seed in sunflower
    -Sell cost - 1000
    -Needs to be be weathered 1 time in a 1 day
    -Needs to be in moon almost all the time
    -keep away from light
    -38% chance of dropping seed

  • lightflower
    -Occured when putting sunflower seed in darkflower
    -Sell cost - 1000
    -Needs to be be weathered 1 time in a 1 day
    -needs to be in sun.
    emits light if it were in sun
    -38% chance of dropping seed

  • Lunar Rose
    -Occured when putting moonflower seed in rose
    -Sell cost - 1000
    -Needs to be be weathered 1 time in a 1 day
    -needs to be in moon.
    -35% chance of dropping seed

Those Are Just Examples

#Special Plants
Section unfinished, please be patient

#Do you like it?

  • Yes, i love planting flowers, also i would get cash from it, even if it would take 6 months to develop.
  • No, we would need to put so much effort to planting and caring, and also it would take long to develop. also i don’t like flowers…

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Note, it will proably take similar time as cooking


Also, Some things aren’t yet made, because it took over 40 minutes to make what is here right now
i will make those later, because those are really impornant things

Eyyy, now I can grow weed in my Condo garden!


Well, actually weeds are possible, by mixing

Do we really want to spend that much of developers time and effort just so we can grow and place unnoticeable little plants that aren’t really worth selling?
Also, pot for 7,5 grand?

7500 Isn’t very much fyi

I would love being able to grow plants I’d still be for it if you didn’t earn units from selling them!
They should work a lot like actually plants.
We should even have a book on what the plants need and want.

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While I don’t think this feature would be necessary, I do feel like it’d be a neat addition to the condo. It’d give people something to do whenever they go to their condos, while not keeping them locked at home watching the plants grow. In any case, a garden would make for nice decoration too :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made this suggestion before but you really expounded on it! Bravo!

Basically Gmod PERP: you can grow “plants”.

Some people might not be optimistic about an idea like this, but it could be the perfect compromise for people who want a “daily login bonus” but are afraid of it getting abused just for the money. Having plants/gardens could add more purpose to visiting your condo other than decorating or hanging out with friends. I’m all for it, even if the end result might be a simplified version of your idea.