Planning the Unofficial Towerinian Splatfest

I know not many people here like/play splatoon, but to the people that do, I am planning a Unofficial Splatfest, using the private battle feature in Splatoon’s autumn update. I will be hosting, but first I need to see who’s in. I need a min of 8 players to make this happen, so I hope you guys join! (But also, I’ll get some of my steam friends to join if I can aswell)
Happy Splating!

(More details later…)


I’ll probably be able to join, when will it be?

NNID: Bondorosa

We need teams though. What vs. what?

…Zak vs. Foohy SPLATOON REMATCH? :^)


I like that idea, I’m coming up with the time. Might be next week.

I’m so in on this~ I basically play splatoon everyday so if anyone wants to add me on miiverse I’m under ToyCyborg

Virus vs. Mini Golf ???
Idk just thinking of ideas lol

Fucking splatoon. Count me in.

One more thing to say, i will give out NNID when everything is planned.

._. Lemme google this, i’m so confused.


il join i love that game. let me know when were playing :smile:

Neither @Foohy nor myself have a WiiU, so sorry we can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

:’( rip

Maybe “Virus v. Minigolf” then?

same here ._.

Hope not to be a downer but just recently my game pad is broke and it’s probably gunna take atleast 3 weeks to get repaired.

It’s OK, I’ll be doing more Splatfests when I feel like it. I’ll try to get a Splatfest going when you get your gamepad fixed.

Did it melt due to much inkbrushing?