[Planet Bingo] - Mega Thread

i would advise for all bingo related bugs to be posted here

Summary of bug here.

1: When playing Planet Bingo, upon calling bingo for the first line or second line the results will come in but instantly after the results 2 more numbers have been called out, however Number calls should be paused and the game paused when the results are shown. until everything has synced up again.
then the game and number calls should resume once everyone is synced.

because currently when the results are shown. after the results it bingo will read out for example, B1 and B10 at the same time. so reading 2 numbers instead of reading one number at a time.

2: cannot click on the numbers to play bingo when someone is sitting on your screen.
3: played bingo on 19th september, and i got booted from my seat when i had spent approx 50,000 units to play. and i didn’t get those units back, because i got disconnected and there was no AFK prompt plus i was not AFK.

Steps to Reproduce.

Please list how this bug can be reproduced, if possible. Pictures would be much appreciated!

1: I simply played with 3 other people and we all had the issue. 1 USA, 2 EU.
2: sit or jump on the bingo playable screen. it will prevent player from clicking on any part of their screen for bingo
3: play a full game of bingo, and sometimes you cannot leave your seat

What I expected to happen.

1: i expected for each number call to be indiviual instead of multiple numbers being called at once after the results are displayed
2: for the bug for playing bingo, i excepted some form of collision zone so if you are playing no one can jump on your screen to prevent you from being able to click anywhere on your screen.
3: i expected to be able to leave by pressing control after my game of bingo (only allows me to leave sometimes)
4: i expected not to be disconnected from my bingo session, however i was still in the casino. i also expected to not lose approx 50,000 units from being disconnected from the bingo session

Thank you for providing an update for Planet Bingo, in adding a collision zone.
However it does seem a tad too high as you cannot jetpack through the top of it considering the height of the tables in mind.

also to add to the original post. here is the video clip of the announce issues that i originally wanted to post about.

Thank you for all you do to keep this game a float and helping communities get together

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