Plane wars future improvements ideas


with the new plane wars i have a few personal suggestions. if you disagree say below.

So first a few things that are bugs / features that are yet to be added. and then just other personal improvements i want that may or may not be good to other people.

  • Auto disable the player ghosts when in plane war because they currently display and are extremely distracting (this is probably a bug though and you shouldn’t be seeing them)

  • the yet to be added controls for the planes to switch how it flies W- down/up like that
    (but this is being added in the future, but im putting it here since its a big issue i am facing since the current controls are too awkward for me to play properly.)

  • Next i feel like the map is too small and cramped… it works good for snowball battle, but for plane wars where turning is slow and long to do it makes it hard to escape fire from another player,
    thats why i feel a much bigger open map, maybe the sea / water map that will be used for the boat battle may be a cool idea? but maybe put some random giant rock spikes you sometimes see in the sea like this image
    that can be used for cover when an enemy from behind is shooting at you / obstacle to avoid while flying?
    (ps also plane war isn’t checked off on the mini games on trello

  • one last thing that other people may not like the idea of is to make the planes slightly bigger, i feel this because if you were to make a bigger map like using a bigger more open boat battle then tiny planes would be hard to see and hit. so they would need to be bigger, plus i feel being bigger could make future customisation of the planes be cool and easier to do / show off, but in the current map keep them small since its cramped rn.

hope you like my ideas.
if anyone else has anything to add onto the ideas, wants to add their own ideas or even just say why they disagree with ideas feel free to reply and do so. :ok_hand:





Bigger map sure, but there still needs to be things to hide around. Just a few scattered cliffs aren’t great hiding spots



I’d love something similar to the Tower of the Wing Cap from Mario 64.