Plane war bots

Might be obvious from the title. No one really plays plane wars that much since the camera isn’t positioned correctly and it’s a bit difficult. (which is something I suggest we fix but unrelated to the topic)

and when you are in the minigame yourself, there is no actual way to earn points. making you wait a great amount of time waiting for the next minigame, if you are trying to earn the milestones. I suggest that we have some bots flying around that will give you points once you kill them, but not as much as a player kill.

that way at least you can play the minigame by yourself.

I think having targets to shoot would be easier and better to implement


I would be fine with that, as long as we have some way to play the mode while actually gaining xp


Yep, bots or targets work for me. Hopefully either could incentivize people to keep playing it, as I enjoyed games like Warhawk / Starhawk and could really use being able to pull off immelmann loops and barrel rolls.

I would say I think there are a couple main problems with plane wars at the moment.

One of them for me is the camera, it doesn’t feel positioned correctly and basically is forcing me to manually move the camera myself.

Another one is the movement system. We should be able to do barrel rolls and loop de loops for aerial maneuvers. (maybe the speed a little bit? maybe not who knows.)

I hope the devs reads these comments and thinks about updating them if they didn’t have plans to in the future already.

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